Heathcliff Bad Kitty Trailer

Here is a link to a trailer that I directed and Barry Caldwell storyboarded. Its CGI, and there is a movie to be made yet, coming soon.

Static Shock

A clip from "Static Shock", a show done at WB Animation. I was one of the producers on the show, seasons three and four.

C-Bear and Jamal

The main titles to a show, "C-Bear and Jamal", I was the artistic producer/director, at Film Roman.

Crooked I Drinks Commercial

A commercial I directed at Film Roman, for Crooked I Fruit Drinks and Iced Teas. Voice by Snoop-Dogg.

The Pound Puppies Show Revisions

The star of the show, Lucky looks around, in a very important scene.

The gang runs after an airplane, to no avail.

A cute little puppy is happy about his upcoming adoption.

A short conversation....

Lucky, in disguise, rips up a couch cushion.

Storyboard Thumbnails

Thumbnail drawings done for the Pound Puppies Cartoon Show, for the Hasbro Studio/Hasbro Network. These were done on tracing paper, then re-drawn on the Cintiq.

Daffy and Goofy

Drawings of Tom

Drawings of Tom, rough and cleaned up.